EFCCA Magazine # 13 - May 2015

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The second issue of the EFCCA Magazine 2015 is now available online.
It includes interesting information about our activities at EFCCA as well as inspiring stories and information on IBD from around the world. We would like to highlight our article concerning World IBD Day that is being celebrated this month on 19 May. Furthermore, our EFCCA Youth Group has also made a challenging contribution on the subject of exploring alternatives to preganancy when you have IBD: the open and frank interviews will give you a better understanding of what these 2 women had to go through.
Finally, there is also a scientific article about a new drug that has so far shown promising results and which has become the talk of the IBD community.
Enjoy the reading and many thanks to those who have contributed to it!!!!


  • EFCCA News - pag 5
  • EFCCA at the 20 km Brussels marathon - pag 5
  • European Youth Group - pag 10
  • Life with IBD: Exploring alternatives to pregnancy - pag 10
  • Member News - pag 16
  • Living with IBD - pag 28
  • Take a walk in my shoes - pag 28
  • News from partners - pag 32
  • Medical Review corner - pag 36
  • Mongersen, an Oral SMAD7 Antisense Oligonucleotide, and Crohn’s Disease - pag 36

Get your copy here: _13_May_2015.pdf

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