COVID-19 IBD patients' perception

The current state of emergency related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic represents a difficult period for both patients and doctors, as we face a new enemy, of which little or nothing is known, and which requires everyone's collaboration to overcome the problem. For this reason, EFCCA has conducted a survey in order to better understand the concerns and fears of patients with inflammatory bowel disease in the context of this pandemic.

This survey has been co-designed with Pr. Silvio Danese Head of the IBD Center at  Humanitas University Hospital in Milan and was originally thought for the Italian IBD patient community, given the particularly serious situation in Italy.  After a quick consultation with the EFCCA Board it was decided to involve all its members and publish the English version immediately. Thanks to the prompt reaction of many associations and volunteers, 11  translations have been published.

We received responses from 3815 people and the top seven countries included Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Greece, Portugal, Norway and Spain.  

Download results of the survey: covid survey results.pdf

Link to publication in the Lancet:

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