EFCCA Magazine # 12 - February 2015

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The first issue of the EFCCA Magazine 2015 is now available online. We hope you enjoy reading about our latest activities, news from our members and other interesting articles related to IBD. We would like to highlight our feature article on a training workshop that EFCCA has carried out in Dubai recently with the aim of promoting the establishment of patient support groups in the region. You will also find very inspiring stories such as "Nothing can stop us" by Cristian Garrido and a story written by EFCCA Youth Group Leader, Daniel Sundstein, about his trek to the Mount Everest Base Camp.
Many thanks to those who have contributed to it!!!!


  • EFCCA News - pag 5
  • Feature: Planting seeds - pag 5
  • European Youth Group - pag 14
  • Sports and IBD - pag 14
  • Member News - pag 18
  • Living with IBD - pag 28
  • Nothing can stop us - pag 28
  • News from partners - pag 32
  • Medical Review corner - pag 38
  • New study on the role of viruses in inflammatory bowel diseases, IBD - pag 38

Get your copy here: _12_February_2015.pdf

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