EFCCA Patient Talks

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The global impact of COVID-19 has been overwhelming and without pause, accelerating at lightning speed, changing our lives and our way of seeing the world. In recent months, unfortunately, the philosophy of our organization, which is to create spaces for meeting, for dialogue between the various associations and all the interlocutors. has also had to change.

EFCCA has rapidly moved across a graded series of responses designed for emerging pandemic viruses and we are now working in a different way. At the beginning of the pandemic we launched a survey in order to better understand the concerns and fears of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The survey gave us some valuable insights and we have decided to address the main concerns, fears, and implications in the management of IBD patients during the current crisis.

Under the series EFCCA Patient Talks we will lead discussions between patient representatives and invited experts on a range of topics.

EFCCA Patient Talk 1: COVID-19 and medicines supply

EFCCA Patient Talk 2: psycho-social impact of lockdown in patients with IBD

EFCCA Patient Talk 3: Seasonal vaccines and IBD

EFCCA Patient Talk 4: COVID-19 vaccination and IBD

EFCCA Patient Talk 5: (IBD) Families First

EFCCA Patient Talk 6: Results of Fistula Survey


Project date: 
June, 2020