EFCCA Empowerment Academy

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We launched our EFCCA Empowerment Academy, a training programme tailored for recent EFCCA members designed to offer deeper insights into the organisation.

The programme provides participants with a global learning journey led by EFCCA staff and other experts. Encompassing subjects like law, corporate governance, organisational history or ethics, it guarantees a comprehensive comprehension of crucial aspects of our federation. The course culminates in an extensive assessment to gauge participants' proficiency and understanding of the covered subjects

The training programme was launched in January 2024 and consists of 5 modules.

- Module 1, "Understanding how EFCCA works under Belgian law: An easy guide," is led by Giulia Mauri, an expert adviser in corporate and commercial law. Throughout the module, Mauri explains the not-for-profit sector in Belgium, focusing on the concept of AISBL (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif). She also covers the roles and responsibilities of the general assembly and members, as well as the board of directors and the CEO within the context of an AISBL's articles of association.

- Module 2, "The history of EFCCA: mission, values, and strategic priorities," is taught by EFCCA's CEO Luisa Avedano and Head of Communications Isabella Haaf. The module delves into EFCCA's historical evolution, purpose and goals, structure, and decision-making bodies. It also reveals the membership procedure and EFCCA's collaborative network.

- Module 3, "Protect our values: Ethics & Transparency for Patients’ organisations," is taught by Andrea Broggi, an attorney with over 15 years of professional experience in international law and human rights. The module focuses on understanding why patient organisations should prioritize ethics, who is accountable for maintaining ethical standards, and how to promote these principles. The module also delves into the importance of transparency and its role in a real-world setting.

- Module 4, "In-depth exploration of EFCCA's strategic areas," is taught by EFCCA Head of Communications Isabella Haaf, EFCCA's Project Officer Maria Stella De Rocchis, and Innovation and Patient Engagement Coordinator Roberto Saldaña. The module provides in-depth insights into the practical implementation of the three pillars of EFCCA's mission: Awareness Raising, Empowerment, and Research & Development, through various projects and activities.

- Module 5, "Empowering Patient Associations: EFCCA Best Practices," taught by Andrea Broggi, covers EFCCA's key strategies that can help students significantly improve the operations of their patient associations.


Every module includes a knowledge-check activity to ensure the student comprehends the contents and can proceed to the subsequent module.

For more information, please write to Maria Stella De Rocchis at: mariastella.derocchis@efcca.org 


Project date: 
January, 2024