EFCCA Magazine #19 - May 2017

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BAB Survey

BAB survey In late 2014 we launched a survey entitled BAB – Biologics and Biosimilars to assess patients knowledge about biosimilars and to find out to what extent patients are aware of the issues involved around biosimilars medicines. The scientific coordinator of the BAB survey is Professor Laurent Peyrin- Biroulet -  from the Department of Hepato-Gastroenterology CHU in Nancy, France...


10 TIPS FOR MAKING IBD WORK FOR YOU AT WORK by Sanna Lönnfors, EFCCA Research and Project Coordinator I recently participated in an online focus group on the topic of Work and IBD, the theme of this year’s World IBD Day. With seven fellow IBD patients, we thought of our job hunts and careers, how IBD has or has not affected our working lives, and what advice we could give to others who have...

Making the Invisible Visible

EFCCA is collaborating with the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) by promoting the study " The Indirect Costs of IBD" to raise awareness for World IBD 2019! Watch the video to see the hidden costs of IBD on our society in particular on children.  

EFCCA Strategy Plan 2019-2022

The EFCCA Strategy Plan for the period of 2019-2022 provides direction to our member associations and informs stakeholders of EFCCA’s Vision, Mission, Values and the Priority areas EFCCA intends to focus on in the coming four years and how it plans to implement them.  EFCCA strategy-plan-2019-2022 (3).pdf

Manual for Teachers

We would like to share a useful publication prepared by Fundeccu Argentina. This guidebook is aimed at teachers to be better informed and prepared about students with chronic conditions such as #Crohn´s disease or #UlcerativeColitis. This booklet has been made with the contribution of doctors, children and adolescents with IBD, their mothers and teachers with relatives affected by this...

EFCCA Symposium

EFCCA organised a symposium on “Digital Health and Data: IBD patients´ view and perspectives”  which took place during the ECCO Congress on 14 February 2020 from 14-15h in Vienna, Austria. This was an unique event bringing together IBD patients, healthcare providers and other stakeholder in order to start discussions on how digital health and big data can contribute in delivering more...

COVID-19 people especially those with chronic diseases such as IBD and/or who are taking  immunosuppressant medications migth be concerned about the novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).  Below we have compiled information and guidance for this new virus from ECCO, EMA, IBD sister organisations available in...

Results of COVID-19 IBD patients' perception

The results of the survey are now available. The current state of emergency related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic represents a difficult period for both patients and doctors, as we face a new enemy, of which little or nothing is known, and which requires everyone's collaboration to overcome the problem. For this reason, EFCCA has conducted a survey in order to better understand...

Report on Digital Health and Data Collection Symposium

We are pleased to publish the report of our Symposium on Digital Health and Data Collection which took place on 14 February 2020 during the ECCO Congress in Vienna, Austria.  Download Report.pdf