COVID-19 Vaccine IBD

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COVID-19 Vaccine IBD - Perceptions and Safety of COVID-19 Vaccine in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone`s life. Recently the vaccination programme across Europe has started and different countries are at different stages in their vaccination programme. Limited data is available about vaccination, especially in the context of IBD. Our aim is to determine the patient perceptions, its uptake, possible-side effects, and symptoms among those who had the vaccine. In this way we hope to shed more light on this important issue and we hope to provide IBD patients with better information. This study is being led by Dr. Pierre Ellul and Dr. Joana Torres. We hope that we conclude this study by mid-July as to be able to update the IBD community.  We would also like to thank EFCCA both for their feedback in the survey setup as well in their effort and commitment in the distribution of this survey.

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