EFCCA Symposium: Digital Health and Data Collection

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EFCCA organised a symposium on “Digital Health and Data: IBD patients´ view and perspectives”  which took place during the ECCO Congress on 14 February 2020 from 14-15h in Vienna, Austria.

This was an unique event bringing together IBD patients, healthcare providers and other stakeholder in order to start discussions on how digital health and big data can contribute in delivering more personalised care and offering a higher quality of life of patients with IBD.

EFCCA believes that the digital “revolution” in health care as well as the data collected from patients, can represent an opportunity to achieve a more harmonic combination between the quality of care and quality of life data. “Patient at the centre” means giving patients a central role in the whole process that starts from the design of the structure of the data base, goes through the data collection and ends to its analysis. Analysing data from the patient’s perspective can become a powerful and unique way to achieve earlier diagnosis, better care strategies and identify patterns in health outcomes in partnership with medical societies and all relevant stakeholders.

The symposium promoted a high-level discussion on these topics involving key opinion leaders and relevant stakeholders which could be of benefit for the entire IBD community. Our keynote speaker was Prof. Claudio Fiocchi, Director of IBD and Vice Chairman of Research, Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

See  agenda-symposium_FINAL.pdf 

Download Simposyum Report 2020-webfinal.pdf

For more information please contact the EFCCA office. 

EFCCA greatly appreciates the support from the following sponsors: Janssen (Care4Today), Boehringer Ingelheim, Takeda, Roche and Vifor

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Event date: 
February, 2020