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IBD patients in Ukraine

Our colleagues from the Ukrainian IBD patient association ¨Fulfilling Life" have prepared this important survey on the current situation of IBD patients affected by the war in Ukraine. 

The survey gives an overview of the immediate effects, medical care during the war as well as other urgent aspects. 

IBD has no age - World IBD Day 2022

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This year, for World IBD Day 2022, EFCCA would like to raise awareness about the impact IBD has on elderly people. Under the slogan IBD has no age we want to put the focus on elderly people (60 plus) and see how living with Crohn´s disease and Ulcerative Colitis (collectively known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease) is impacting on their quality of life and care. 

IBD and fatigue


Fatigue is an important underecognized clinical problem in patients with IBD and one of the most frequently reported concerns of patients. It affects nearly 50 % of patients in clinical remission and 80% of those with active disease, resulting in a decrease in quality of life and impaired work productivity and functioning.

Results of survey ¨Patients’ perceptions of surgery in IBD¨

The results of the survey " Patients’ perceptions of surgery for inflammatory bowel disease" have been published this month (16 July) in the Colorectal Disease Journal.

EFCCA has collaborated in this study which was led by Professor Antonino Spinelli (Humanitas Clinical and Research Center IRCCS, Milan, Italy) and which investigated patients’ perceptions of surgery and the impact on reported outcomes.

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